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News: BlackVoib version 1.7.0 released 
Enhancement in this version is the phone automatically unlocks and main screen lights up when an incoming arrives. We also have merged the two installs in version 1.6.0 into a single install regardless of version of OS you are running on the phone.
BlackVoib version 1.6.0 released
The most important enhancement in this version is the support for OSv7.  There are also a few minor changes that has to do with domain name resolution. For the time being, there are two separate OTA installations. One for OS7 devices and one for OS6 and earlier devices. Please make sure to select the correct link.

BlackVoib version 1.5.0 released
The major feature addition in this version is Sound Profile Management integration into BlackVoib. If you are running OS late version 5 and OS 6 , you will be able to set the ring tones by editing the BlackVoib's Sound Profile. You can set it to loud, silence, or vibrate only,  just like  you normally do with your BlackBerry device. In addition, every call you made, received, missed will be logged in the BlackBerry Call Log.

BlackVoib is a BlackBerry SIP Softphone.
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